Monday, May 30, 2011

the suavecito man

Boyfriend Outfit: After Work Margaritas

I've been obsessed with Polyvore lately. It's basically like a paper dolls site for grown ups. Except I'm pretty sure the median age of users is 16.

I put together this outfit for guys even though men's clothing is about as exciting to me as hearing about what you dreamt about last night. But now that I have a boo I gotta start thinking about what looks good on guys. Although he can't look too good because as Cher says, "What would I contribute to the relationship?"

I think this would be the perfect outfit for afterwork margaritas. You've got your suavecito pomade (smells so good) and guayabera. All dudes should rock the guayabera this summer. It's not just for 60 year old Cuban men ya hear?

Oye, click on the image to find out where to get the items xoxo
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