Thursday, November 10, 2011

fall foliage

On Sunday, Boo and I went up to Inwood Hill Park to admire the fall foliage.

Prior to this visit, I didn't know much about Inwood Hill except for the Craigslist ads boasting cheap rentals in the neighborhood. Oh, and it's like on 207th street. I didn't even know that was technically still Manhattan! But if you take the A train it's a pretty quick ride. I brought along the Zombie Survival Guide book and after reading about the importance of cardio in a zombie attackl, I was already in the 200s.

This park is one of the nicest parks in the city. It's on an actual hill. You have the loveliest view of Spuyten Duyvil creek. And you're surrounded by magnificent trees providing yellow, red, leafy canopies.  Which means you can pee outside and have some privacy!

My mom asked me to take photos of fall foliage so here they are:

Side note: I totally have to get my bangs trimmed. Is it still considered a trim if the bangs have now grown to the length of your regular hair?

Tangential note: I decided that my fall uniform will be all about the the JT look. Aka Justin Timberlake in his "Like I love you" video. Black leather jacket. Gray hoodie. Jeans. Sneaks. It's comfortable and also very appropriate if I ever feel like dancing in a convenience store parking lot. 

Final note: I really want to make more of an effort to be outside, especially in the winter months when the dark, cold days don't inspire much except feeling despondent. I think a little fresh air and moving around will leave you recharged and clear headed. 

If not, there's always bourbon.


eruditemess said...

"iiiiiiiiiiii just wanna love baybayyyyyyyyyyyy yeah yeah yeah" next time we're at karaoke with BC, ask him to do it. you'll die.

eruditemess said...

PS could you LOOK any skinnier?! bish please. when do you want to come punch things with me?

jiji said...

HA i purposely did not include the obese looking photos! ooh i wanna punch things soon!!!

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