Monday, August 29, 2011

i'm officially old

There was a Britney Spears tribute at last night's VMAs and I didn't care. In other news, I think I like The Ghost Whisperer.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

we're okay!

outside my apartment

Hey guys, we're still alive! More importantly, I have internet!

My apartment was okay except rain kept leaking through the damn AC. Boo and I took 20 minute shifts of clearing up the water and mopping up the floor throughout the night and morning. I have never seen it rain so much in NYC! And I think all the rain came through my window! And at one point it was a little scary because we were getting some major wind action. Wind that probably blew more water into my AC. Damn!

This afternoon we walked around my neighborhood and surveyed all the fallen trees. Good thing the tree in this photo didn't come into my window. I would've been really annoyed if more rain came into my room.

So now the real question is, what am I gonna do with all my Hurricane food? I bought chips and cereal and basically anything with preservatives in the event that we'd have a power outtage. Oh, and on top of that I have two gallons of GENERIC water. It was the cheapest kind I could get at Walgreens and I bet it's from a canal or something. 

Okay, gonna go take a nap now. Hurricane frenzy is exhausting! xoxo

ps: really grateful that everything turned out fine

pps: hurricane food is delicious

date night: hurricane edition

Hey guys, I'll be live blogging Hurricane Irene's descent into NYC. Ha. No. I'm not trying to use up my computer's battery!

As you can see, those are our Hurricane provisions. I also forgot to include boxes of mac n cheese and two six packs of beer. So far it hasn't been so bad. Boo and I spent the entire day hanging out in my apartment. We had bagels and coffee for brunch. Beers and pizza for dinner.  And we watched like a thousand movies. They include:

Wayne's World I

Wayne's World 2

In the Loop

Looney Tunes

Monsters Inc

Basically it's like any other Saturday in my apartment!

If you're in the Northeast hope you stay safe and dry. Hopefully I'll be able to do another blog post soon. Good night!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

rainy day essentials

Nautical inspired umbrella


Hot cup of coffee

disaster wear

Gisele looking post apocalyptic chic in French Vogue

I've been in New York for September 11th, the Blackout of 2003, and now the Hurriquake of 2011. I think that qualifies me as a true New Yorker and a bonafide old person. And when you find yourself in disaster situations, you only have seconds to think about the important stuff. Like, "What am I gonna wear?"

First of all, you gotta always be prepared with sneakers. You never know if you'll have to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to avert disaster. Although, if you watch as many post-apocalyptic movies like I do, you know that the last thing you ever wanna cross is a bridge. Too many people trying to leave town at once!

For sneakers, I love my trusty Vans. They are slip on so I can just literally slip them on and flee. And I don't need to wear socks with them so I don't have to worry about blisters but I do have to worry about foot odor. But I figure, hey, it's the apocalypse, we'll be too busy shooting zombies in the face and looking for canned food to worry about my putrid scent.

Now clothing. I hate wearing jeans so why start during an apocalypse? I think leggings are the way to go. They are comfy and they keep you warm. I hope that I will be able to loot some American Apparel stores in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

What should I wear for a top? Do I wanna be cute but cas? Something that easily transitions from daytime to evening? Perhaps a tank top and a hoodie will do. Again, I really hope there are some American Apparel stores still standing because they have very survival friendly wear. Just don't go for the neon stuff okay? This is an apocalypse not a rave!

I think I will keep a disaster survival bag near me at all times. It will carry all these items plus sunscreen and a flashlight. Ooh and my Mario Badescu Aloe Vera moisturizer cus that isht is the bomb!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

fantasy five

These are five things I would love to have...

This print for my kitchen

This bar cart

This pink bathroom

This simple bedroom

This baby (shhhh don't tell my boyfriend)

bonnie's grill


I was reading Burger Club NY's blog and started salivating over this photo from Bonnie's Grill. It looks insanely good. If someone brought that over to me right now, I'd be like "hi stalker" and then eat the whole thing.

Other favorite burgers are Dumont, Shake Shack (obvs) and McManus.

I'm going to eat my screen now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

date night

Remember my exhortation to date improvisers? Yes, well, I forgot to mention one teeny little detail. They have crazy schedules. This week Boo is working and performing till midnight--egads!--so it was nice to end the weekend with a relaxing Sunday evening.

We watched

Fun fact: Anthony Bourdain and Thomas Keller were chef consultants.

We ate arugula pizza

Fun fact: The pizza we ate was not this lovely concoction from Martha Stewart but Trader Joes.

And had dessert from Maison du Chocolat

Fun fact: Boo brought the chocolate over to my apartment and hid it in a shelf I couldn't reach so that I wouldn't eat all of it. Hmmmmph.

It was a great date night! Especially since I had a rough week and it was nice to distract myself with pizza and smooches.  And I know I give Boo a hard time about his crazy schedule but he always makes time for me. And the truth is one of the many things I love about him is his love of comedy. And that's probably the biggest thing that connects us. So I'm gonna try to be less needy and more understanding. HaHa. We'll see how that goes. Because if there's one things I love more than comedy it's DRAMAAAAA.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

baby lion

Oh hi. I just died.

doug moe is a bad dad

You guys, if your'e in New York, you must see Doug Moe is a Bad Dad at the UCB Theatre. I saw it last night and it was terrific. It's just a really funny one man show about the weirdness of being a dad. It's honest and heartfelt without being cloying and precious. And after this show, you'll never be able to look at Disney Princesses the same way again. 

I love/hate shows like this because it makes me realize I gotta step up my game. Damn. 

Back to writing! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

my sketch teacher

Holy crap! Chris Kelly, my old sketch teacher from UCB, is profiled in GQ about his first day on the job as a staff writer at Funny or Die.

The first video he wrote was for Will Ferrell reprising his President George W Bush character and it was the day after Obama announced that Bin Laden had been killed. What What!

I think his parody of Mob Wives is my favorite one yet. I've watched it about three times.  My favorite part is at 2:17.

Not to sound like the fawning student--but I will cus I am annoying like that--I learned soooo much from the class. Seriously, Chris Kelly is the best at honing in on what's funny in your sketch and punching it up to make it better. And I remember being really intimidated in the class cus everyone was so talented but I think I came out a stronger writer from it.

And since Chris Kelly is a talented comedy writer working for Funny or Die then by the transitive property that means one day I'll be a talented comedy writer working somewhere. Hopefully. Is that how the transitive property works?

the it crowd

Have you guys watched The IT Crowd? It's hi-larious. My boo and I watched a whole season in one day (you can stream it on Netflix). It's about three people working in the IT department of a company headed by an arrogant, over the top boss (who is one of my favorite TV characters EVER). It's kinda similar to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in terms of farcical story arcs but much more lighthearted in tone.

Season one is the weakest in the series. Very sitcomy and reminiscent of Are You Being Served. Season two is great and gets stronger from there. Oh, and there's a laugh track but after a while I didn't notice it because I was laughing along.

Can you believe I had never watched British comedy prior to last year? And now I'm obsessed with several shows. I think each week I'll do a special Anglophile TV post.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

michael caine

Source: via jiji on Pinterest

Hummana Hummana. 

true blue

I was obsessed with Madonna's True Blue when I was little. I'd sing along to this song and fantasize about my future boyfriend and what he'd be like. Shut up.  Yes, even when I was little I was such a romantic. As my friend Fab says, I love love.

Anyway, this video still holds up. And Debi Mazar's in it! What? Oh and how cute are those cigarrette pants?! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

performance anxiety

Thanks to those who came out to the Real Characters show last night! I had such a fun time doing it and I hope you did too.

I have to admit I was pretty nervous about the show cus I was performing four character monologues and I haven't acted in like...ten years? Maybe more? This feels so insane to me because when I was a teenager, I went to a performing arts high school in Miami where I performed everyday for four years. The stage was my second home. I felt more comfortable on stage than I did in real life. And when you're 16 and insecure, that means everything. But now, fast forward several years later and the stage is like a foreign place to me. What used to bring me comfort and satisfaction brings me nerves and anxiety.  Maybe it's because when I was younger, I was so shy and self conscious around people, that I NEEDED the stage as an outlet. But now that I'm older and more comfortable with myself, I feel more self conscious on the stage. It's weird. And I try not to think about it too much but I guess this blog post is not really helping!

Rehearsing was actually a really frustrating process for me because I just felt so rusty and my acting muscles and reflexes were just not as adroit and nimble as they used to be. Why is my timing so freaking slow? Or why am I rushing over these beats instead of really being in it?  It's hard to explain but maybe other performers have felt like this. In my head I could hear and see how the characters should be, but in practice, I just wasn't fully realizing them. But acting is like a muscle and I know I just have to keep working at it and practicing and getting out there. And hopefully I'll be like Rocky soon enough. Or whatever athlete is appropriate in this analogy.

Oh and one person who helped me get my acting muscles working again was Leslie Meisel. She is an AMAZING actress at UCB Theatre and an equally amazing coach. She helped me go from merely reading words outloud from a script to creating fleshed out, truthful characters. And she helped me break the script into beats and figure out what the character wanted in those moments. I think it's really helpful to work out comedic pieces with a theater approach because you wanna play it as truthfully as possible and avoid being a one note, cartoon character. And I think the best advice she gave me was to just go for it and commit. Are you gonna play a ghetto character who loves to go clubbing? Then COMMIT. That's why I wore a weave. Also, if you guys are ever looking for a good comedy acting coach, see Leslie!

But I felt good about last night's show. I didn't wanna tell people to come because I was nervous about sucking but I think it's good to have people who believe in what you do. I actually didn't invite my boyfriend because the thought of performing in front of him stresses me out. The man teaches and performs comedy for a living. Not trying to have him see me perform!

Anyway, last night was so fun and that's all that matters. It wasn't by any means perfect but I know I can do better and that motivates me to keep trying. And I can feel myself getting more comfortable with performing the more I do it. But if you guys have any other tips on being more confident on stage please let me know! 

sleeping baby


I'm dying.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

well suited


I kinda want it to be fall again so I can wear pretty dresses with tights and blazers. Also, this outfit is such a better alternative to wearing business suits and looking like an Assistant Principal.

Monday, August 8, 2011

real characters

I'll be performing in this next Monday, Aug. 15th. The line up is insanely good. 
So far, it’s shaping up to be a terrific lineup for the next REAL CHARACTERS show. Take a look:

Giulia Rozzi (Stripped Stories, Moth GrandSLAM winner)

Alex Gallafent (BBC’s The World)

Jon Friedman (The Rejection Show, author of Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped, and Canceled)
JiJi Lee (How I Learned…)

and Mike Sacks (author of Your Wildest Dreams Within Reason)
      as read by Jared Logan (Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham)

All this and more.

Monday, August 15th
McNally Jackson Books
52 Prince Street, NYC
(near the 4, 6, F, B, M, D, N, & R trains)

Hosted by Andy Ross. Produced by Ann Marie Lonsdale.

kimchi chronicles

The PBS food series Kimchi Chronicles looks amazing. It's hosted by Marja Vongerichten (the wife of famous chef Jean Georges) and follows her culinary journey through Korea. It's kinda like that Spain on the Road with Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow except it's in Korea and the host actually eats food.

Marja's background is really interesting. She's a Korean adoptee born to a Korean mother and African American service man who moved to the States when she was 3. She said she was always drawn to really spicy foods but didn't know why.

You can catch some of the videos here. They did such an amazing job of capturing Korea and it's food. It's also a beautiful story about identity and culture and how food can help shape your personal narrative. I'm such a sucker for those kind of stories. I'll be watching this while crying into my kimchi chigae.

Oh and Heather Graham's in this. Jigga WHAT? 

Friday, August 5, 2011

emmanuelle alt's daughter

Remember this little girl? She has such cute style! It probably helps that her mother is Emmanuelle Alt, the Editor in Chief of French Vogue and one of the most stylish women in the world.

This is her when a photographer's not in her face. "Oui, mama, let's get some Lanvin flats in my size! And can we watch Dora La Explorateur?"

Source: via jiji on Pinterest

And another one.

What a cutie. And she has her "stank face" down. Loves it!

Seriously, girl, I wanna borrow your clothes. We're probably the same size!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

bebe style

Yo, girl, can I borrow your trenchcoat? I think we're like the same size. Hit me up!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

improvisers make great boyfriends


I started taking improv and sketch comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre back in January 2010.  The first thing I noticed was the abundance of cute, smart, funny guys (I may have learned some comedy while I was there). Eventually, I started dating an improviser and since I am that annoying girl who loves to set up her single friends despite having an unsuccessful matchmaking track record, I am going to tell you from my personal (and very biased) opinion, why I think improvisers make the best boyfriends:

1. They come from a place of yes
Improv is all about agreeing and "yes and". So your improv guy probably will probably be up for most things you throw at him.

Wanna see a movie?

Wanna be my  boyfriend?

Wanna set up my dvd player for me?
Yes and you are going to get me dinner for my services.


2. Improvisers won't leave you out there to die
When I took improv, the one thing I was struck by the most was the intense commitment you show to your partner. When you step out of the line and go on that stage alone, you know you can count on your partner to come out and make you shine. And with dating, you wanna be able to give yourself to someone and be vulnerable and know they're not gonna screw you over. There's a certain generosity and unselfishness with improvisers.  And, well, in this crazy world we live in, it's just nice to know you can count on someone.

3. Improvisers take risks
They're always up for doing something new, going on impromptu adventures, and just watching that weird new film no one else wants to see with you (Smurfs).

4. Improvisers listen
Improv is all about actively listening to your partner and reacting. So when I talk to my boyfriend about the different characters in the Real Housewives franchises I know he is definitely listening to me. Right, Boo? Boo?? BOO?!

5. Improvisers know how to stay in the moment
I am the most anxious person. I fret about what's gonna happen in the future. What happened in the past. What happened in the Z dimension. I have so much trouble appreciating the now and being in the moment. And what I appreciate so much from my partner (oh, wow, I sound adult) is that he's always reminding me to be active in the now because that is what I can control. Thinking about what hasn't happened yet only creates anxiety. And when you're anxious, you won't react to situations as calmly and nimbly as you would when you come from a place of yes.

The good traits you find in improvisers may already be inherent but I think there's something about the art form that attracts and develops good people. Whether they're boyfriends, girlfriends, or just friends.

So can I play matchmaker now? 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It was over a year ago that I was having an evening picnic on the Pont Des Arts in Paris. Can you believe how bright it gets in the summer? That's how you end up drinking till 11 PM.

The Pont Des Arts is a bridge overlooking the Seine river. This is where couples declare their everlasting love by putting their initials on little locks and chaining them to the bridge. Tres romantic!

But what happens if the couple breaks up? I asked my French friend.

He answered, "Oh, they just wrap themselves in the locks and throw themselves off the bridge."

Le sigh. Even suicide is romantic in Paris!

writing and snacks

The NY Times did illustrations of favorite snacks of the great writers. I like Walt Whitman's breakfast of champions and Truman Capote's liquid diet.

I personally love to snack on rosemary crostini. I love the crunch crunch of the crostini, it's like a savory metronome that eases my mind while writing thought provoking things like tweets. And the crostini leave little crumbs on fingers so I can type on my computer.  Which reminds me, don't eat salt n vinegar chips while you're typing. 

how to act on a first date

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

According to a certain someone (my boyfriend), I gave some mixed signals on our first date. I guess this could've been attributed by my movie pick (Blue Valentine) and that when he walked me to my door step I crossed my arms and didn't make any eye contact. In my defense it was freezing cold that night and I was nervous about the Ice Pick Mugger. Also, I have no game.

Anyway, it must've worked cus seven months later, we're still together and watching movies (although not ones involving the tragic decay a marriage, thank god).

So I guess my advice on how to act on a first date is to be yourself.  Jittery.  Cold. Nervous about muggers using archaic devices.

Oh and it helps to go out with someone you are a big fan of :)

Ps That's Michael Caine with Natalie Wood. Isn't he hizzot?!

Monday, August 1, 2011

baby eats kimchi

I am so impressed by this 2 year old girl's palate. Although I'm also concerned she'll get ulcers. Slow down, girl! 

perfect breakfast

Lat week I went to Roebling Tea Room and ordered a poached egg omelette.  A poached egg. Inside an omelette. Yes, please schedule my angioplasty for next week. 
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