Sunday, April 15, 2012

dark and stormy date night

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As my regular readers may know, I just love date night and I love night caps.  And there is nothing I love more right now than a good Dark and Stormy cocktail. (Yes, I tend to obsess over certain drinks the way most people obsess over new bands or movies. Sorry, liver!)  So I thought why not make one for Friday date night?

A true Dark and Stormy is made with Goslings Rum (are they related to Ryan? LOL), ginger beer, and lime juice. Apparently the Gosling company, which is based in Bermuda, has trademarked the Dark and Stormy cocktail so you can't even use that name unless your cocktail is made with Goslings rum. Omigod, who knew Bermudians were so litigious? Then why does everyone go to Bermuda to evade their taxes???

I've been on the hunt for a good Dark and Stormy in the city but they're either a) hard to find cus not many places have ginger beer or b) you do find them at seafood/maritime themed restaurants and they're either too sweet or too limey. The key to the ideal Dark and Stormy is the perfect proportions of rum, ginger beer, and lime. The richness of the rum is buoyed by the spiciness of the ginger beer and then all topped with a refreshing twist of lime. Just a TWIST. This is not a margarita!

So my variation on the Dark and Stormy is with Meyers Dark Rum, Fentimans ginger beer, and a twist of lime.  I guess I can't technically call this a Dark and Stormy or else I'll get sued (I have no money!) so let's just call it a Dark and Jinius.

Sooo I don't really measure things in ounces but I usually count one one thousand, two one thousand, etc  while pouring. It's very important to say the "thousand"!  My boyfriend didn't say the thousand and it messed up the whole drink!! And almost ruined date night!!! Ha ha. Just kidding. Kinda.

Now pour all these ingredients into a tall glass full of ice (preferably crushed) :

Meyers Rum- count to four one thousand

Fentimans ginger beer- count to five one thousand

Twist of lime

You can find Fentimans ginger beer at most delis or markets. The Gracefully near me sells it. It's crucial you get a good ginger beer because a bad one can make your drink too flat or sweet. 

Okay, enjoy! I better hear you guys counting one one thousand!!!

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jiji said...

so when are ya gonna make one of these bad boys fer me?

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