Sunday, October 28, 2012

treat yo self!

My birthday mantra on Friday was none other than those three special words from my favorite Parks & Rec episode: Treat Yo Self.

On this very special day of the year, I had the day off from work and P cleared his schedule and we embarked on the following:

Manicure at Diva Nail Salon in Williamsburg (even P got a manicure! It was very cute :))

Saw Pitch Perfect movie  (sooo good! It's like Glee but funnier)

Happy hour drinks at Ayza wine and chocolate bar in the West Village. We had some time to kill before dinner so we stumbled into this place. It was a little cheesy but very much in the spirit of Treat Yo Self. I had the Brut Rose obviously.

Dinner at Berimbau, a Brazilian restaurant in the West Village. Had a delicious Brazilian beer called Xingu. P had a caipirinha (based on the couple of sips that I had, it is like the best caipirinha in the city.)

Night caps at Ayza. So we actually really liked Ayza, the sorta cheesy date place, and we stayed there for two rounds of drinks and even ordered a chocolate fountain. We treated ourselves!!!

Then we ended the night with the Treat Yo Self episode from Parks and Rec (the actual episode is called Pawnee Rangers). 

On Saturday, my besties and I got together for daytime drinking at Harefield Road, one of my fave bars in Williamsburg. Daytime drinking is a good option for when you're -cough- a little older because you can drink as much as you can and remember how you got home. See, you do get a little wiser as you get older!

It was, hands down, the best birthday ever. No drama. No work. Just treats!!! 

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