Wednesday, February 29, 2012

barnard gals

The whole group isn't here but I love all my Barnard (and Columbia!) girls. What an intelligent, hilarious, and damn fine looking group of women.

Friday, February 24, 2012

john leguizamo-freak

In just the first ten minutes, John Leguizamo manages to have the audience laughing hysterically, seamlessly transitioning into multiple characters of varying ethnicity, age, and sex with a mere change in posture or voice. He's a genius.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the weekend in bites and pieces


I met up with some of my gal pals for cocktails at PDT, the little speakeasy tucked inside Grif Dogs, and chatted and caught up over complicated cocktails with like ten ingredients. Why is drinking so complicado? I don't need egg foam. I just need alcohol over ice. Thank god for old fashioneds. (I'm so old.)

Afterwards, we let the boys join us for dinner at Ippudo, a trendy ramen restaurant near Cooper Union where you can expect to wait in a crowded lobby and get jostled by NYU students double fisting Sapporos and shocho drinks. But it's a good place to go if you have a large group and looking for a table on a Friday night. We were seated at a huge, square table which actually made for a good group set up since you can all see each other. This is particularly helpful when you're trying to get someone's attention to hand you a pork bun. Oooh, the pork buns, they are swoon worthy.


Spent the whole day writing, rehearsing, and eating chocolate.


Met up with my other group of gal pals for brunch. I have known these girls since freshman and sophomore year of college and we have been there for each other through break ups, weddings, deaths, and basically every major life event. It's very Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And for the first time since college, my group of girlfriends and I all live in the same city. I can't tell you what a treat it is to be able to have brunch together without any airline rezzies involved.

But maybe it's a good thing that the five of us did not all live in the same city.

So, we originally had a reservation for brunch at Jules Bistro on St. Marks. But we ended up leaving because we thought the live jazz music was way too loud (If there's one thing I hate more than jazz, it's LIVE jazz). So we go next door to La Palapa, a really fun Mexican place where I've been for many a Sunday funday.  Well, we did not even have a chance to finish our first round of brunch drinks when a woman came up to our table and reprimanded us for being really loud and that we needed to keep our laughter down. B'scuuuuse me?

I'm sorry, I didn't realize that a restaurant that offers a free shot of tequila with your brunch was the kind of place where we had to be mindful of our volume. And since when is laughter a crime? It's not my fault that you and your friends are so boring that you can't even appreciate a good time. Maybe you should take that jalapeno out of your bum and stick it in your margarita!

This woman was SUCH a mariposa, and NOT in a good way. (I documented the whole exchange on twitter lolz).

I think it's funny that we left the first restaurant because we thought it was too loud and then ended up getting complaints at the next restaurant for being the loud ones. Oh, LIFE!


I had the day off! I relished this free day and spent some quality time with my boo. We walked over to the Williamsburg pier where we felt like the only two people in the entire city. Well, if you didn't count all the cars racing up and down FDR. It was just so nice to spend time with him on my day off and not worry about deadlines and stressful commutes and lines at Pret a Manger (god, I need to find a new lunch spot).  I actually did manage to have a mini stress attack and he was able to get me through it, helping me figure out a solution. Sometimes I worry that I don't give as much emotional support to boo as he always does for me but then I remember that I've done his laundry and folded his delicates so I think we're pretty even.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, mariposas!

ps how awesome is that photo of Gilda Radner and Candice Bergen breaking during an SNL sketch?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pink lady

I love how this outfit is both lady like and tough. However, I still can't seem to get over my disdain of shaggy coats.  Don't you feel like you'd be wearing your bathmat? 

Friday, February 17, 2012


This is my new morning jam. Thanks, Meredith, for the rec!

PS I can't wait for Ursher's next tour!!! I can just imagine him crooning this at MSG and bringing up a female audience member on stage, while the audience awkwardly watches them simulating relations. I just hope she doesn't kick him on the head with her five inch heels like at the last concert!  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

winter look

Source: via jiji on Pinterest

If I had my sh*t together this would so be my winter look

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day dance

Source: via jiji on Pinterest

I had my first truly mortifying experience with rejection in the fifth grade.

I was a student at Pinecrest Elementary School--one of those public school gems with great teachers and state of the art facilities (they had a library! with books!), located in an affluent neighborhood in Miami. A lot of immigrant families (like mine) moved to the outskirts of the area (i.e. not affluent part) just so they could qualify in sending their kids to this school. This was great for my education but not so much for my self esteem. Everyone at Pinecrest was blonde, wore Bass loafers, and named Jennifer. I had sideburns, glasses the size of my head, and a name no one could pronounce (Jiyoung) so the students took it upon themselves to give me the easier to remember nickname: "Sushi".

A) That's so offensive.

B) Why did it not occur to them that "JiJi"might be an easier nickname?

C) I don't think we have to wonder whether or not I had a date for the Valentine's Day Dance.

The Valentine's Day Dance was a pretty big deal for the fifth and sixth grade students who were allowed to go and especially for our music teacher, Mr. Baker, who served as our resident DJ. In his gray polo shirt and plastic framed glasses, Funk Master Flex he was not.

On the day of the dance, I had my sights set on this guy with great hair and alliterative name and because I don't want to reveal his identity on a highly overlooked blog, I will refer to him as Benny Benjamin. But Benny Benjamin already brought a date (why are fifth graders dating and not, like, doing math??) so I stood by the side while I watched him dance with a girl whose name I forget but was probably Jennifer.

I thought seeing a guy I was crushing on dancing with another girl would be the nadir of my elementary school existence but, no, god had bigger plans for me. See, earlier that year, we had a new boy come to our school who had recently moved to the States from Korea. Up until this point I was like the only ASIAN at this school and the fact that this new student was not only Korean but a GUY, would prove to be bad news for me. I knew everyone would try to set us up based solely on our shared ethnic background. And when kids found out we shared the same name, it only made things worse.

That's right. His name was also Jiyoung.

The kids at school thought this was the best thing since pizza parties. Two Korean students! With the same name! Surely they must love each other! So during a slow dance, Jiyoung's friends coerced him onto the dance floor, laughing as they tried to pull us together and get the two Jiyoungs to reunite, but neither of us wanted to cross that DMZ on the dance floor. The look on Jiyoung's face was utter terror. Like he was being asked to dance with Kim Jong Il himself. Poor guy. This was his introduction to the American social scene.

My solution to this whole thing was to just run away.

Okay, I thought. That was the worst thing ever. That will be the worst thing that has happened to me at the Valentine's Day Dance.

But no. God was still trying to teach me lessons about humility.

The end of the dance was nigh and the only dancing I had done was hopping away from my Seoul mate. Mr. Baker announced that a slow song would be next and that we could request dedications to our Valentine. Feeling defeated and not blonde enough, I was prepared to make my exit, when my friend, Allen*, asked if I wanted to dance the next song. Allen was a cute, scrawny black guy and popular because he could run the mile in like 6 minutes. (Popularity at our school was based on how good you were in P.E., hence, I was screwed.)

I was so grateful for Allen's offer. I did not have to dance with the male version of me! I could dance with a popular boy! I am desired despite side burns! But as the song commenced, Mr. Baker cooed over the cafetorium, "This next song goes out to Allen and...Sherry!"



Allen did NOT just dedicate a song to another girl before asking me to dance. Allen wouldn't do that! Allen was my friend! But I don't even think Allen said goodbye or gave any kind of apologetic acknowledgement when he bounced to the ounce and danced with Sherry, a cute, little black girl who could also run the mile at a respectable speed.**

Some notes:

1. Kids love coupling "like and like". Maybe it was from reading all those Highlights magazines. And maybe Allen didn't feel comfortable dancing with an Asian girl. After all, this was way before Kimora or Amerie or the phrase "Blasians be blazin'" was a thing.

2. At least Mr. Baker didn't announce, "This song is dedicated to Allen and...SUSHI." I would've literally died. Just DIED.

3. Rejection is never easy. Especially when you get rejected three times in the span of one afternoon. And, yes, I'm counting Jiyoung as a rejection because he looked totally horrified at the thought of being paired up with me.

4. I am forcing my boo to dance with me tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day!

*Names have been changed to protect me.
** Sorry if I got any details wrong. Please don't sue me. I have no money! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

the weekend in bites and pieces


-Boo and I nestled in his couch, with a six pack of Blue Point winter ales, and at my insistence, looked for a romantic movie to watch. I knew that Prelude to a Kiss would fit the parameters since it has the word KISS in it! What a wonderful, weird movie. I sobbed like three times.


-We finally got around to watching Downton Abbey and it is just as exciting and entertaining as everyone has been saying

-Dinner with good friends at Olea

-Went to a small soiree in Fort Greene where I may have drank several rounds of blood orange mimosas and coerced the owner's dog into hanging out with me.


All day I was suffering from this . But after reading this lovely post, I decided to get out of bed, plow through some writing, and sign up for a storytelling class taught by the amazing David Crabb. Because whether you're single or in a relationship, I think it's always good to find ways to empower yourself.

What did you do this weekend? Have you watched Downton Abbey? Did you also have trouble getting out of bed? :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

sad fache

This is pretty much how I feel right now. Though I WISH I could look half as beautiful as Anna Karina when I was crying!

Le sigh.

Friday, February 10, 2012

things that made my week (that i can remember)

1. Drinks at Death & Co (We were so well-behaved, leaving after only TWO drinks. I guess that is the mark of true adulthood.)

2. The Bachelor: Romance, Roses, Romance at UCB- You should totally go to this show!You don't even have to watch The Bachelor to get any of the jokes.  And it would even make a great date night. (Boo laughed even harder than I did!)

3. The Real Characters Show-one of my fave monthly storytelling shows in the city. Host Andy Ross is so amiable and fun, setting a really welcoming vibe for the show. Plus, they give out free wine. I know!

4. Going out for Japanese w/my fave work peeps and watching one of them slip on a tatami mat. Lolzzz.

5. Getting a lot of writing done. Yay productivity!

6. Buying socks. You don't understand, I literally only had three pairs of socks and they all had holes the size of my feet.

7. Making a really healthy dinner of salmon en papillote (um, I may have used a pat of butter; it was organic!) and watching Modern Family episodes with my Boo. He always makes my week :)

Oh and I should also add YOU, dear reader, for your lovely comments and support. Hope you are having an amazing week!


broad city

This web series is so delightful. If you have an hour or so to spare this weekend, I highly recommend snuggling up with your computer and watching their last two seasons.

Broad City's Valentine's episode from last year is an adoring memo to friendship, NYC, and Thelma and Louise.

Oh, and get excited because F/X is developing it into a TV show with Amy Poehler set to produce. Hollerz!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

cute but cas

The "cute but cas" look is the divine proportion of fashion. When the balance of simple accessories and make up details can anchor your outfit and make you look effortlessly chic or throw you off into that egregious territory known as "trying too hard".

Cute but cas is the perfect outfit for first dates. When you want your outfit to say, "Hey, I'm cool, collected. I like you and I'm totally not imagining where you'll be proposing in 1.5 years."

I think the outfit above perfectly captures cute but cas. You could totally wear that to a Knicks game at MSG, sitting court side with Chris Rock and Natalie Portman. And at the end of the game, you could book it over to a club like 40/40.

Omg I am so old that the only "cool" club I can think of is 40/40 Lolzzz.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

cooking for one- valentine's day

Check out our old Cooking for One Episode written by me, starring Jenn Schatz, Ann Marie Yoo, Raymond Cordova, and Jamil Ellis. The amaaaaayzing baked brie was created by the amazing Erica Boynton.

You should totally make this on valentine's day!!! 


Friday, February 3, 2012

louis ck and making it as a comedian

"Given the odds of making it as a comedian, I am amazed at how little effort so many comedians make, while complaining bitterly about their lack of breaks. I mean, you should be thinking like an olympic athlete but you think like dorito-eating high school brats, doing nothign and expecting everything. Of course I’m not talking about YOU, whoever is reading this. I’m talking about YOU, over there. Yeah."

Louis CK 

-This has been the making Tumblr rounds recently

-I like how he compares it to being an Olympic athlete. Which reminds me, I need to sign up for another class here.

-I've been trying to carve out two hours a day to write. Ideally, I'd love to to write for three hours straight but finding that time seems more elusive than finding the LOST island. I know it's wimpy to complain about having a 9-5 job but whatevs. Cus if you think about commuting and waking up, it's more like 7-7. So what I've been trying to do is waking up an hour earlier to write (this is sooo hard especially cus you know how I love my cuddle times). And then when I come home I write for another hour or so.  The only time I socialize is on Twitter (this makes my bank account happy).

-The best advice I think I received was from my old sketch teacher (who now writes for SNL so I treat his words like the gospel!) He said you should always be writing even when you don't have anything due because you never know when you'll get the call.

-This sounds obvious but sometimes it's hard to write when you don't have deadlines. But it's true, you never know when someone will want to look at your packet or ask you to perform. I once had the opportunity to show an agent some of my work and luckily I had a couple of scripts available. Obviously I didn't get signed or else I wouldn't be writing this crappy blog (lolz!) but at least I have scripts under my belt that I can keep working on. I try to think of myself as a soldier and my writing is my arsenal. And bourbon is my savior :)

-Your writing is legitimate. I have to keep telling myself that. Sometimes I feel bad for backing out of social commitments to write. But then I read an excerpt in The Artists's Way and it talks about how other people do that all time with work or family obligations. You should value your own writing the same way. Sure I may not be getting paid for it now but it matters to me.

-Try, try, try, keep trying, are you still trying? I was complaining to my boyfriend how I just wanted to quit cus I felt like a failure and he was not having any of it! See, I had five major writing rejections in the past two years and for my overachieving, Asian mind that was devastating. But in the grand scheme of things, five rejections is NOTHING. Try a hundred. Or a thousand. Can you imagine if I had only applied to five colleges in highschool? I wouldn't have gotten in anywhere! Keep trying.

-I feel like I have no right to dispense any advice but I just wanted to log what my experience has been like so far. I think it's good to talk about these things so we don't feel so alone as artists.

-Have a good day and keep fightin' the good fight.

eat slay love

This would be my ideal Valentine's Day gift.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

hot for teacher

As some of you may know, Boo performs and teaches improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and last night I saw him perform in Hot for Teacher, an improv show featuring UCB faculty. And it was SO fun. The cast was insanely good and included Betsy Stover, Charlie Todd, Sylvia Ozols, and Nicole Drespel.  (So sorry if I forgot to include others)

I love watching my boo perform! My crush on him escalates each time :)

And, no, I have never taken an improv class with boo. I would DIE of embarrassment.

ps why I think improvisers make great boyfriends

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

so how long can you hide your boyfriend from your parents?

chillin w/the parentals in miami

Sometimes I forget that I'm in an interracial relationship.

I guess it's because being Asian isn't something I'm really cognizant of most of the time. Well, that is, until I look in the mirror and see Gong Li's face staring back at me. (Why are you laughing, dear reader?) But every now and then I realize that, yes, I am of a different ethnic background than my boyfriend and I guess that means cultural differences could arise and...OMIGOD, I have to introduce my fobby Asian parents to my white boyfriend!!!

You see, I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year now and I still haven't made any arrangements for him to meet my parents. Part of this is because my parents live in Miami and never come up to New York and the other part is because, um...


It's not that I think it would be stressful in the Mississippi Masala sense (probs not the best movie reference but I can't think of any other Asian interracial relationships, geez!). My parents used to be old fashioned and insisted I date Korean dudes but I was single for so long that I think at this point they're just relieved I've met a man who has any kind of skin pigmentation.

Also, my younger brother broke the racial barrier when he started dating Latina girls. Yup, that's right, my brother has latina game. Hollerz!

But I just feel like this meeting would still be extremely stressful for other complicated reasons.

1. My parents don't speak English that well
Well, my dad is pretty fluent but that doesn't really matter because he's not exactly what you call a "talker." He's more of a "let me wear my white Hanes undershirt and read my newspaper in peace" kinda guy. My mom on the other hand is a little more gregarious but she's not exactly dexterous with the English language. For instance, she still introduces me to people as, "Lovely my daughter".

Sooo, I dont know what's better: the dad who speaks English but doesn't like to talk or the mom who likes to talk but doesn't speak English.

2. Did I mention my parents don't ever come to NY? So we'd have to go to Miami. Oh, god, don't even get me started on looking for airfares!

3. I'm afraid
I'm afraid that my parents will embarrass me. That they'll serve wine in a coffee mug. Or hand my boyfriend toilet paper instead of a napkin at the dinner table (this is a very fobby Asian thing). Or insist he drink orange juice. (why do Koreans love orange juice so much???) I'm afraid that my boyfriend will try to explain that he does improv and they'll be like what the hell is that. I'm afraid they won't have anything to talk about and we'll just all awkwardly stare at each other and the awkwardness amplifies even more when one of us goes to the bathroom and we all have to listen to them pee.

4. My parents don't like going to a restaurant unless it's a)Chinese b) Japanese, c) Korean or d)Tony Roma's.

5. What if we run out of alcohol?

I once heard a story of this Korean girl who hid the fact she was dating a guy from her parents for five years. FIVE. Omigod, do you guys think I could get away with it for that long???

I know when the time comes it will be perfectly fine, everyone will be on their best behavior--including my dad who will be forced to wear something over his Hanes undershirt. And at least my parents know that I'm dating boo, that I'm not hiding this important part of my life from them. In fact, I email them pictures of the two of us like every week. Mainly to inculcate that I'm dating a guy now and they have to accept his existence.

So maybe I'm stressing out over nothing. Maybe everything will be just fine. Or maybe I won't ever have to gather them all in the same room just like that girl! But I just wish we could fast forward to the part when we're all doing soju shots and watching Korean dramas in our long underwear.

On a positive note, when I finally told my mom that I was dating boo, the first thing she asked about him was, "Does he eat kimchi?"

Well, if this picture is any indication, I think everything's going to be just swell.

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