Thursday, June 28, 2012


This weekend, I'm moving in with my Boo in Williamsburg!

I am so excited to live in the same space and do fun things like buy His & Her aprons :)

I am also incredibly exhausted. Even though I have a pretty spartan apartment, I was shocked to discover how much crap was hiding in my closets and shelves. TWO Foreman grills? Jesus Christ. I think I spent more time throwing out stuff than packing. And most of the garbage consisted of staples of the South Beach Diet!

I don't know how I would've done all this without P. Well, I guess I wouldn't even be moving in the first place. But he has been a savior. He has packed boxes. Lifted heavy furniture. Given me massages without even needing me to ask him for a massage. And yesterday he even brought over Artichoke pizza and a six pack.

I think I'm going to really enjoy living with him. Especially if he continues to bring over pizza and beer. Thank you, please! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

miranda hart

Source: via jiji on Pinterest

Miranda Hart is one of my fave comedians. She just exudes this warm, cheerful energy (as you can tell by the above photo). 
There's a really good interview about her writing process here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer so far

I can't believe that next week will be the last week of June! Where is the summer going?? I know it technically started the other day but STIIIILLL. It's kinda crazy that we'll be celebrating the Fourth of July soon.

Ever the sentimental blogger/person that I am, I decided to list my favorite summer moments so far. Jotting down these moments makes me feel like I have some grasp of the time. It's also nice to look back and read these a few months down the line and think, Okay, so at least I didn't spend the entire summer just sitting in my bra and underwear watching episodes of The IT Crowd (best!show!ever!)

Summer moments thus far:

-Walking around Inwood Hill Park
-Hiking in Cold Spring
-Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge
-Brooklyn Icecream Factory
-Brooklyn Cyclones game
-Moonrise Kingdom
-McCafe (omg I'm addicted to these! coffee is only a dollar!)
-Walking along The Highline
-Home made tapas dinner by this incredible lady 
-Watching my boo hold aforementioned incredible lady's baby and trying not to DIE over the cuteness
-Watching this adorable baby then toot on my boo and DYING from laughter
-Wearing my favorite Madewell sandals
-Painting my toe nails in OPI's Eternal Optimist. The perfect pink!
-Sunday movie date nights

I'm looking forward to more fun activities. Especially those that involve the consumption of rosaaay and grilled meats in shady, cool areas because it is hot as a mother in nyc!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

brooklyn cyclones

Yesterday, Boo and I hopped on the Q train to Coney Island for the opening game of the Brooklyn Cyclones. We had Nathan's hot dogs, drank Brooklyn Lagers, and stomped our feet and chanted like we were regular baseball fans. I'm sure we fooled everyone. It was such a fun summer night--topped off by an amazing fireworks show at the end.

Summer is a nice reminder that when you put in a little effort, you can squeeze in a little adventure into your day.

ps my hand still smells like saurkraut! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

cold spring

This is a pic from our hike in Cold Spring! Look how happy and refreshed we look! Little did we know that ahead of us was another hour of treacherous terrain and false hope!

Nature makes me dramatic.

Monday, June 4, 2012

climbing mountains

Over Memorial Day weekend, Boo and I walked around Inwood Hill Park (pictured above) and with its steep trails, it is definitely not a "walk in the park" (wah wah).  Then the next day we took the train up the Hudson and hiked 4.8 miles in Cold Spring.  Talk about steep! At one point I felt like I was just scaling rock. I later found out that the Cold Spring hike was classified as "strenuous".  Good thing I didn't know this prior to the hike because I would've bounced to the ounce.

Sometimes to get to the top, you just gotta be confident that you'll make it there and not worry about how hard it is.

However, I should add that even though I did not know the hike was "strenuous" I could still tell it was very, very strenuous and I had no qualms telling boo that I felt this way the entire hike :)
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