Thursday, August 23, 2012


After having a bad day yesterday, I came home to find that P surprised me with this rosemary plant that I had been admiring the day before. I was so touched by such a thoughtful gesture and reminded me of how truly lucky I am. I then spent the rest of the night eating icecream and watching Frasier :)

Fun little rosemary trivia: Back in the day, rosemary was considered a memory aid so Greek students would place a sprig behind their ears to help them with their studies. Rosemary is also considered a symbol of fidelity.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sorry for the un-pinterest worthy photo but I like to keep the pictures on my blog old school. Grainy and not cute. Anyway, I'm currently embarking on a garden project for our deck. This is a pretty new and different thing for me because you really wouldn't use "JiJi and gardening" in the same sentence. Unless it was the sentence "JiJi you shouldn't garden".  Also, I'm not really sure if the end of summer is the most auspicious time for such a thing but it's better late than never, right? (Pretty much how all gardeners talk I'm sure).

My first task was to clean up fallen leaves, seeds, dirt, dead insects i.e. things that JiJi does not like to touch. So I bought yellow latex gloves and hauled these items into a trash bag. I felt so strong! So pioneer! Like a character in a Barbara Kingsolver novel!

Then the mosquitoes attacked.

As soon as I swatted one away from my ankle, others came for my neck and arms. My small, delicate hands were helpless against these formidable pests. Ack! This is what English professors mean when they talk about Man vs. Nature! I decided it was time to retreat when the mosquito bites swelled into Lana Del Rey lip proportions.

Sooo that was my first garden project. Next time I will wear long sleeved shirt, pants, and enough DEET to make me an environmental hazard. Stay tuned for the next post when I will talk about trimming branches and pulling weeds interspersed with meditations on how this garden is a metaphor for life. 

Monday, August 20, 2012


Lovely, lovely vacation in Maine. More pics soon but I'm still in lazy, vacay mode. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

fort tilden

P and I woke up early Saturday morning and took the Zip Car out to Fort Tilden beach. It was such a lovely day--empty beach, velvety sand, and frothy, blue waters. We saw seagulls, butterflies, crab skeletons, and jellyfish.  Then we jumped in the water--so refreshing and fun! When P kept jumping over the waves, I told him to be careful, warning him of that Javier Bardem movie where he jumps in the water at low tide and breaks his neck and becomes paralyzed. Leave it to me to talk about paraplegics on a beautiful beach day.

Nevertheless, it was still a fun day and P continued breaking the waves while I broke wind (ha).

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

soundtrack series

The Soundtrack Series is a wonderful storytelling show hosted by the vivacious Dana Rossi. Storytellers pick a song that has special meaning for them and then tell us why. It's an awesome show that has you laughing one minute and grabbing a tissue the next. Songs are powerful yo!

And I guess a cheesy techno song by Daniel Bedingfield will always remind me of that time in my life when I was sure I would be single forever and die alone. 

You can listen to my story here.  
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