She's a Jinius.

JiJi Lee is a comedy writer, performer, and storyteller in NYC.

She's written humor pieces for Above Average, Reductress, The Belladonna, and The Toast.

Her TV pilot and spec scripts have received quarter-finalist and second round honors at The Austin Film Festival, Sundance Episodic Story Lab, and Screencraft competitions.

She has performed in storytelling shows at The Kennedy Center, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The PIT, Le Poisson Rouge and at RISK!, Story Collider, How I Learned, Real Characters, and Gentrify. Her stories have been featured on Splitsider and the UCB Storytelling podcast. Her solo show YOWZA was selected and performed at The PIT's Solocom Festival. 

JiJi graduated from Barnard College and grew up in Miami, Florida and misses pastelitos and sunshine.